Baby Of The Year 2017

Here’s a chance for your little angel to star on our cover or win our people’s choice prize in our annual Baby of the Year competition! For those of you new to this game - it’s just a bit of fun, because of course all babies are beautiful! All entries in our ‘Baby of the Year’ competition have the chance to win a Panasonic Lumix G DC-GX850K camera, worth $999!


Wins a camera and their picture on the cover of our summer issue


Get your friends and family to vote for your little one online.
The most votes wins a Panasonic Lumix camera.

PLUS publish your baby on your own cover!

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Once you’ve entered, you can vote by clicking on the .
You can vote for as many babies as you like but strictly ONE VOTE PER BABY. Votes will be validated by email address verification, so be sure to check your inbox to make your vote official!
Once you have voted you’ll see a little red heart on the entry.
Good luck - and remember, this is just a bit of fun so ENJOY!
OH, and be sure to get your own personalised copy - either by subscription for $32 (no extra charge), or for $13.50 for a single issue!
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